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Groundnut Oilcake

Peanut meal, peanut cake, peanut oil meal, peanut oil cake, groundnut meal, groundnut cake, groundnut oil meal, groundnut oil cake the names peanut and groundnut are interchangeable. The former is more used in American English while the latter is more used in international literature.


Groundnut cake

Groundnut cake is generally a safe feed for all classes of livestock.  Groundnut cake has been used as a protein supplement in cattle feeding. However, its low fiber and high protein contents make it an even more valuable ingredient for poultry rations. Thus most groundnut cake consumed internally in Sub-Saharan Africa during the 1970s and the 1980s may have gone to poultry because of rapid poultry development during the period. The main constraint to its utilization is its easy contamination by toxic substances due to bad storage. The most dangerous substance is aflatoxin.


Groundnut oilcake

  • Groundnut oilcake is one of the best protein supplements for livestock feeding and is extensively used.
  • Groundnut oilcake refers to expeller pressed ; in the brand name R BRAND GN OIL CAKE are available in the market IN 50 KGS.
  • Our R BRAND GN OIL CAKE is stoneless; and also free from Aflatoxin, as we produce it from first grade groundnut seed in dry condition without moisture.
  • Groundnut oilcake has about 45% protein, and  good source of Vitamin B12 and calcium.




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